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A very warm welcome to you! My name is Sequoia Campbell, a.k.a. Sequoia the Storyteller, and I am a writer/illustrator in a primary genre of Fantasy. I have books and graphic novels and a smattering of illustrations and art pieces, so if you think you’d be interested, feel free to look around!


To get you started on some of the fun stuff, have a look at some of these:


The first two books in my series, the Torian Tri-Point, both available on Amazon:

Harahpin Cover       Pantorians Cover

Here are some graphic-novel stories you can check out:

~Accidental Elemental


~Yowler and Draggin

And also:

art page buttonArt by me… a gallery of stuff I draw which is ever-expanding. 🙂 You can see YET MORE art by me at my deviantArt account.


short stories buttonShort stories and other writings… This shall expand with time as well. 😀 If you want to get notified about new art and stories, feel free to subscribe to the blog! 🙂

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If you like my stuff, please consider Patronizing me! 😀 Supporters on Patreon will see special behind-the-scenes stuff I don’t share anywhere else, plus have their name listed in my Credits! 😉

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you enjoy your visit. ^_^

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  1. LORE says:

    Well well wellll… WHAT do we have here?

    • Sekoiya says:

      What we have here is newly-refurbished SPIFFERY, that’s what! 😀 Good to see you here and also have an opportunity to test out this new ‘Disqus’ comment system with another person, ha. 😛

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