2 New arts… a commission and a personal

I finished a personal piece and a commission in rapid succession so I’m just going to post about them both at once. 😀 (And of course they’ve been added to the Art and Commissioned Art galleries. 🙂 )

First, we have ‘Child Army’… a Dreaming-Esmeralda-related doodle which I just NEEDED to allow myself to do, just for the fun and frivolity of it (if you look at the 2018 section of the Art gallery, you’ll see how barren of personal pieces this year has been so far :’D ). GOSH did I ever need this… it was so good to whip out a piece of D.E. art for no other reason than personal delight.  It’s been too long and it did my heart so much good. ;u; These kids (and kitty-like critter 😀 ) all came together from various separate D.E.-materials to form a rather important part of the story that previous versions of the script had overlooked, something very true to the original dream that inspired this story…

“And so, the playground became our fortress, and we [children], soldiers, defending ourselves and our castle from a raid.” ~Quote from original documentation of Mask Face dream

Child Army

Next, the commission! This one was asked for by TheLOAD on deviantArt.com… the prompt was to re-imagine her character Landilizandra as a 1) A Kazzen from the Torian Tri-Point, 2) a Draggin from Dreaming Esmeralda, and 3) A Merrytune-dragon from Accidental Elemental. It was really very fun. 😀 (And the title contains NO puns whatsoever, I don’t know what you’re talking about! xD )

A Load of Landi


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