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Song Serpents

I’ve fallen a bit behind in posting art lately, so I’m both going to catch up with that and talk about ‘Song Serpents’, a supercool critter I came up with recently… a sort of music-based dragon (music and dragons, two … Continue reading

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Bare Bones, Blank Canvas

Another Art thing. I used to have an ‘alter-ego creature’ (or as the kids call them, a ‘fursona’) who looked rather like the character in the header on the My Story/Contact page. Lately I feel my ‘fursona’ has changed dramatically… … Continue reading

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This doodle started out as just me goofing about with a silly idea that I spontaneously had, and came out, incidentally, awesome. 😀 I love it when that happens. ^_^ Anyway, have a picture of my muse and I making … Continue reading

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Eyrco Portrait

Moar for the Art page. :3 This time I drew a picture of Eyrco, one of three main characters in my book Harahpin:  

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Have I been drawing more these days because my inspiration is coming back, or is my inspiration coming back because I’ve been drawing more? …Oh well, might as well draw as much as I can, my muse likes it in … Continue reading

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Anthem of the Bog

I’m testing out the posting of short stories on this site, with a bit of lore from the world of Esmeralda. It includes an illustration too (which I’ve also included in the Art page gallery). 😀 So without further ado… … Continue reading

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Sharing the Blue

More art. 🙂 I’m actually surprised I managed to finish this, given that I’ve had such bad summer blahs lately I’ve hardly been able to finish ANY drawings. xD Hot weather is NOT my friend… :< Anyway, enjoy!

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