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Accidental Elemental: Prologue, page 21

Announcing the latest update for Accidental Elemental! Book One, Prologue, Page 21 –>View it on –>View it on …And I realize I totally forgot to announce the last couple of pages before this one. Durn. xD Well, they … Continue reading

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Feeler-Faced Floofs

So, this is something I started… oh gosh, I think back at the end of last December! xD I had it sitting around since January, in a state of near-completion, and just yesterday I FINALLY finished the dang thing! :’D … Continue reading

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Tri-Point energy/matter system

So yesterday I was trying to gain a better/deeper understanding of how some stuff in the Torian Tri-Point story-verse works… I may need it to finish the third book. Originally I was trying to write it all down, but MAN … Continue reading

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