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Beautiful Blue, I Want to Keep You

Warning: Angry-‘Koiya strongly voices some opinions below. You have been fair-warned. Vent-art incoming. And, subsequent rant. Have any of you heard from that new climate report? I don’t want to detail it here because I’m not a learned authority on … Continue reading

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Accidental Elemental: Prologue pgs. 23 and 24

Announcing the latest update(s) for Accidental Elemental! (I’m announcing two at a time again. xD) Book One, Prologue, Page 23 –>View it on –>View it on Book One, Prologue, Page 24 –>View it on –>View it on … Continue reading

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Green n’ Blue

Have a doodly-doodle I made of two Accidental Elemental characters simply because I felt like doodling them this evening. 😀

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Accidental Elemental: Prologue, page 22

Announcing the latest update for Accidental Elemental! Book One, Prologue, Page 22 –>View it on –>View it on

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