Beautiful Blue, I Want to Keep You

Warning: Angry-‘Koiya strongly voices some opinions below. You have been fair-warned.

Beautiful Blue, I Want to Keep You

Vent-art incoming. And, subsequent rant. Have any of you heard from that new climate report? I don’t want to detail it here because I’m not a learned authority on the matter (so who am I to lose you valuable sleep, right?) but if you look up ‘IPCC new report’ or something similar, I’m sure you’ll find it.

This pisses me off so much. I cannot BEAR to watch a gradual Armageddon slowly destroy everything. I did not come here for this.

The bank accounts of a handful of capitalists are NOT more important than literally everything that everyone we’ve ever known, or known of, has ever had. If all these changes were purely nature-caused, that would be one thing. But if there’s even a shred of evidence that it’s human-caused (and there is much more than a shred!), then we need to address it, goddamn it.

The more I hear about how this climate change thing is advancing, and how little progress efforts to stop it are making, the more discouraged I become. I feel so helpless. Sure, I can take individual actions. I already don’t eat meat, I already don’t drive a car. Since elementary/primary school I’ve been going on about how much I love animals, bugs, trees, etc, and how important they are. I’ve been talking about how humans are a part of the whole system and need to stop thinking they’re ‘above’ everything else in the world. In response I have often been met with ridicule and dismissal. I’ve been ‘reminded’ of how trees don’t feel and how animals were just ‘put here to benefit humans’. I’ve had people torture and kill insects in front of me just to get a reaction out of me. At this point, I’m running out of ideas for what I can do on an individual level.

So, the other day, distraught by these thoughts and blubbering like a baby, I simply started making this vent-picture, for want of anything else to do about it. I suppose I like the result, but that doesn’t change how upset the cause of it makes me feel.

~Close rant.


“Pompeii” –>

“Make Tomorrow” –>

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2 Responses to Beautiful Blue, I Want to Keep You

  1. HaruChan says:

    I always recycle whenever possible and refuse to use paper towels in the bathroom. I only generate one plastic shopping bag’s worth of garbage every two weeks. Like you, I also do not drive. Just recently, I even the switch from Google to Ecosia (a search engine that uses 80% of its ad revenue to plant trees []). While this is way too big of an issue to be solved on a purely individual level, everyone still needs to do everything that they can to help out.

    With how much evidence there is for climate change, the way I see it, the only people that would deny climate change at this point are:
    1. Greedy corporate executives
    2. People being bribed and/or threatened by greedy corporate executives
    3. These idiots:

    • Sekoiya says:

      Thank you for your efforts to help this situation. ^_^ Also, thanks for sharing that Ecosia thing with me; I’d never heard of such a thing! I’m going to look into that some more, for sure! 🙂

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