Settling it like Gentlemen

A bit of an altercation between a clearly very evenly-matched mammal and reptile!

Settling it like Gentlemen

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A Ways to Go

Have a doodle of Parch and Goat-Me swooping about! I named it after an appropriate song (linked below):

A Ways to Go

Even better that this song is sung by the guy that I currently consider to be Parch’s “voice” (talking AND singing!) ^w^

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Wizard Fun

Here’s some art I did recently, featuring a certain kick-butt-awesome blue wizard from the Accidental Elemental universe, who is currently only known to the public as “Bluefellow” (or other things similar and equally vague, haha). ^_^



I decided I needed one of That Mysterious Blue Guy just being the kickass magician he is and SLINGING some magical weight around!! 😀 Before this one, I hadn’t yet made one where he was just throwing out some EPIC FLASHY EXPLODY magic, and that was a durn shame! I actually started this like… at LEAST a month ago, probably more, and thought I’d better go on and finish it QUICK, before it looks super-outdated (it’s on it’s way there already ^^; ). So here it is, NOW HAVE IT, I SAY!… <–(PS: I find it weirdly awesome that in the same year I happen to start doing heavy concepting on a character who talks all “F O R S O O T H”, all these “Bardcore” songs start appearing! OuO )

2: Ye Shal’t Not Pass

Ye Shal’t Not Pass

As you can see, I took a moment to draw “Bluefellow” taking a moment to look like “The Quintessential Wizard” (and nothing at all like a total Steamy Sam WHILST he’s about it! OuO  <3 *COUGH* Definitely NO Fangirling is going on over here, nooooope! None whatsoever! xD )

Any-WAY! I figure there’s only ONE thing that could possibly make him look even MORE Quintessential. In fact, I have it here!

Ye must keep it

3: Testing the Dialect (you’ll want to zoom in on this one for sure!)

Testing the Dialect

I made this as a way of testing out the “Ye Olde” way of speaking that Bluefellow and his people have on an audience (to see how well they could read/follow what characters were saying), without any story spoilers whatsoever. Too bad I had to color my test results by saying out loud how fond I am of this dialect and the idea of having it in the story. :’D Oh well, nothing to do for it now… x’D

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Summer 2020’s backlog of stuff

I went quiet for several months on my own website again and here I am to prove that I HAVEN’T, in fact, been dead. x’D For starters, here’s a chunk of art + doodles that I have done since my last post (I added them to the Art page too):

And secondly, I worked like a mad dog on Accidental Elemental this summer and manage to create… oh gosh, I think 21 pages?? Either way, it’s getting a good ways into Chapter One, and I am happy! I’ll show the chapter “header” and the first page here for a sample, but you can see/read through the fullness of the recent update-bomb here:

And here:


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Playing with Jerra

Playing with Jerra

Have some very sketchy, and VERY VERY SILLY doodles I did in my sketchbooks for Jerra the pirate’s “birthday” yesterday (May 19). Yesterday was the 6th anniversary, I believe, of the day Jerra walked into my consciousness? Or… 6 years since, so does that make it the 5th anniversary? GOSH anniversary numbers confuse my brain. xD (Also, sorry for the quality… I don’t have a scanner at my disposal for the time being so, phone-camera it is. )

Sketches 2 and 3 are supposed to ‘flow together’ in sequence… MAN that’s a mood for me lately! :’D Drawing this did my poor fed-up heart some good. 😀 Jerra really is the perfect character to dance-kick B.S. in the face with. xD

Featuring “Satyrkoiya”! 😀 An anthropomorphizing of Goat ‘Koiya was needed to be able to bipedally dance with Jerra (and her having her hair out of braids meant we could both be crazy, curly-haired twirlers together! xD Plus I just love her curly hair =w= ).

Happy anniversary, Jerra! You’re The Best Pirate I’ve Ever Seen!

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Here’s a bit of art that I ALMOST! Forgot to put here, but here it is now!

Here’s the long, looooong description I originally published it on deviantArt with:

‘Precipitation’ + ‘Meditative’ = ‘Precipitative’. Obviously. xD
Anyway. Here’s a drawing I’ve been slowly picking away at for a good while. It started when I woke up one morning, maybe a month/month-and-a-half ago, feeling really sad, lost, despair-y, etc. And instead of trying to fight the feeling, I embraced it. I let it have me without resistance or self-judgment. And after a while, when I finally felt ready to get up… what do you know, I felt a lot more patient, charitable, tolerant, just generally like a less prickly human being!
It seems like often there is an inclination to beat off negative emotions with a club. But after the above moments with myself, I developed a hypothesis: What if the negative emotions THEMSELVES are not really a problem, and rather the problem is in the REACTIONS and/or RESISTANCE to them?
I mean, if you permit the fact that you are currently feeling sad, or mad, or depressed, or hopeless, or whichever ‘low’ emotion you identify with in a given moment… if you don’t judge or invalidate or beat yourself up for having them, if you don’t try to tell yourself you’re doing something wrong because you are feeling them… you’ll probably feel that much better already!I mean, “negative” emotions are what we call them, but at the end of the day, they’re really just human emotions. It’s perfectly natural and normal to feel them, just like any other emotion in the spectrum. And if we never felt badly, we could never even tell when we were feeling good.

This is coming from someone who has had anxiety/depression struggles for pretty much a lifetime. But what if I didn’t struggle so much? Someone, I think it was Jim Carrey, said that ‘depressed’ can be re-read as ‘deep rest’. And I honestly see why now. There’s something very cathartic about just surrendering to one’s sadness when it comes up… in a way that is safe, of course.

…A lot of philosophy today, ha. xD Personally I’m going to keep trying this method for a while, whenever I feel depressed.
Everyone stay safe and clean out there.
(PS: I am submitting this on an actual rainy day :3)

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That moment WHEN YOU REALIZE IT’S BEEN MONTHS SINCE YOU LAST UPDATED YOUR OWN DANG WEBSITE in any way, shape or form!! AAGH. D: Ever since I moved away to university last fall, life has been topsy-turvy and it’s only seemed to get topsy-turvier (NOW it’s topsy-turvy for EVERYONE, with this whole virus-pandemic NONSENSE going around and putting a big ‘ol STICK in the cogs of peoples’ lives right and left! If you’re reading this during a point in time BEFORE the thing has blown over… stay safe, stay sanitary! That’s an order! ;3 )

AAAAANYWAY. IT’S LONG PAST TIME that I did a MASSIVE UPDATE-BLAST around here. So, what’s happened since October??

First of all, these three Yowler and Draggin pages came out! (As ever, you can read the whole comic here, or here).

Yowler and Draggin, page 24 by SekoiyaStoryteller
Yowler and Draggin, page 25 by SekoiyaStoryteller
Yowler and Draggin, page 26 by SekoiyaStoryteller

Next, there’s a BUTT-TON of regular art pieces. I’ve updated the Art Page with a much-overdue ‘2020 Art’ gallery, as well as added some to 2019, as well. Among all those are included the following… I reckon I’ll just put a mini-gallery here instead of trying to list them all individually because there are so many. ^^; For specific descriptions of each of these, you can view them in my deviantArt gallery (which, for some reason, I managed to keep updated while neglecting my OWN BLASTED WEBSITE… >_<;)

So, there you go! That’s the BIG update, and I goodness knows, probably have to update some other, smaller stuff around the site too. ._. It’s rough not staying on top of things, and I can only blame myself, ha! :’D (…Well. And school. And pandemics. And the way that they BOTH impede normal life functioning. xD )

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Checking in with some art updates

Hello… it has been a while since I posted here. ^^; I transitioned to a new school and new town in late August and my brain has been totally hijacked by not only the classwork load (which is substantial from week to week) but just getting around the adjustment of everything around me being unfamiliar. But I’m here today with a bit of a backlog of arts. :’D

M&H Design Sheet

Here’s a design sheet I did for the characters in a current book-project of mine called ‘The Maiden and the Hermit’. Most of this stuff was actually done in 2017, with just the darker dragon’s pattern-details having been finished up this year! So, on the Art page, I added this one to the ‘2017 Art’ gallery. :’P (Definitely zoom in on this one; everyone looks very small otherwise!)

Mouse Buddy

I basically just wanted to draw something quick, personal, and therapeutic so I did this happy li’l picture of Enigma the Crow and Radio the Mouse, characters from a story idea I have called ‘Flying Colors’.

For Old Times’ Sake

More therapy-art, I think, and this time, it’s even more personal. xD Those who have been looking at my stuff for a really long time will probably remember Sekoiya the Kazzen? I dunno why, but I felt like doodling my old, blue-fuzzed alter-self again the other day. :’D

So yes, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can keep stuff more regularly updated around here but no promises with all of this madness lately. ^^; I’ll do my best though!

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Winter Balm

Winter Balm

I literally just spat this out onto a digital canvas… it’s therapy-art, I think. :’)

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A little coonie-bear

A little coonie-bear

A floof making his way through the woods! ^_^ I drew this in a sketchbook and colored it digitally. For one, there’s a character of mine that was on my brain at the moment who looks a lot like this guy, and for two, I really wanted to practice digital-coloring a pencil drawing with a detailed background. It was a little tricky because of the layering and the blending modes, but I really like the result and I definitely would do it again! :3

(Raccoons are tricky to draw, too. I don’t mind practicing that, either. xD )

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