Yowler and Draggin pgs. 18 and 19

Yowler and Draggin banner

Latest update for β€˜Yowler and Draggin’! Pages 18 and 19

I published both of these in such uncommonly rapid succession that I thought I would announce them both here at once. πŸ˜›

–>View Pg. 18 on deviantArt

–>View Pg. 19 on deviantArt

–>Start reading from the beginning

Yowler and Draggin, page 18 by SekoiyaStoryteller

Yowler and Draggin, page 19 by SekoiyaStoryteller

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Of COURSE I colored her

You remember those ‘Overduedles’?

Welp, I colored Masky. Because of course I did. πŸ˜€

(I’d like to color Aidan too… don’t be too surprised if you see his version of this in the future. xD)

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Some kitty-mugs

Guess what! I’ve been hired to illustrate a kid’s book for someone! πŸ˜€ The story is the fracturing of a certain popular fairytale, wherein all the characters are anthropomorphic cats. ^w^ First thing I did was to design all the characters’ faces. I’ll have to give them outfits, too. πŸ˜›

There will probably be more sharing from this project in the future. πŸ™‚

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Some overdue sketchies

(Or, overdue doodles…. overduedles? I dunno. I’m going to stop trying to be clever. xD)

Have some pencil-etchings of my favorite one-eyed people!

Some overdue sketchies

(Click to image to zoom in!)

Sketchie #1:

Kado/Kaedo/Aidan/Songmaker! Whichever the title, I’m so glad to see you and to have you flow forth from my pencil again; ’tis been a Hag’s-age! You cutiepants, you! <3 I shall TACKLE you and bestow your cheeks with kisses! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Sketchie #2:



It’s a Masky.

It’s a Masky, and I had missed her so, for so long! (tearful snuffling) :’)

Come HERE, my darling Muse… I shall bestow YOUR cheeks with kisses, as well! …Annnd possibly suffer for it, but I don’t care! (Squeezes the dear lady like a teddy bear) <3

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Accidental Elemental: Prologue, page 21

Accidental Elemental banner

Announcing the latest update for Accidental Elemental!

Book One, Prologue, Page 21

–>View it on accidentalelemental.thecomicseries.com

–>View it on deviantArt.com

AE Prologue: Page 21 by Accidental-Elemental

…And I realize I totally forgot to announce the last couple of pages before this one. Durn. xD Well, they can both be viewed in the same two locations as this page. πŸ˜›

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Feeler-Faced Floofs

So, this is something I started… oh gosh, I think back at the end of last December! xD I had it sitting around since January, in a state of near-completion, and just yesterday I FINALLY finished the dang thing! :’D

The idea was to draw a compilation of all the major (or at least major-ish xD) Kazzen characters from the Torian Tri-Point… most of these characters I haven’t drawn in several years, or in a couple of cases, never drawn in color!

From top to bottom we have: Cuffi; Kaedo; Sekoiya (my old beast-self, interesting drawing her again :D); Sarephae; Kaeza Jaeral; Deondris; and a pair who have not been introduced at all yet and who only appear in book three. ^w^

Feeler-Faced Floofs

(PS: Somehow I got a bit feels-y listening to this song while drawing these guys… I think it’s because I came upon and listened to that song while writing Chapter 7 in The Pantorians, which is probably my favorite chapter in that book, eee. :’D <3 )

(PSS: Sorry if the watermarking of this is obnoxious; it’s basically 8 separate drawings so… I guess 8 watermarks? ^^; I dunno, I’m doing my best. :’P )

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Tri-Point energy/matter system

So yesterday I was trying to gain a better/deeper understanding of how some stuff in the Torian Tri-Point story-verse works… I may need it to finish the third book. Originally I was trying to write it all down, but MAN that was a wordy, jargon-y hassle. x’D So I just made myself a diagram! I’ve always been a visual learner anyway, lawl. πŸ˜›

(I made a version of this with text explanations and it ended up being a Patreon goodie. :’D But pictures can say a thousand words, so they say…)

Tri-Point energy/matter system

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Tobyas Redraw

I suddenly felt like drawing Tobyas from Tails From Wanderer… I’ve not drawn him in ages. πŸ˜› In fact, I think the most recent drawings of him were waaay back in 2014! Among those is that portrait from ‘Wanderian Heroes’. So, I… just remade that, for starters. xD

So, now Toby’s eyes look like they actually fit in his skull, and I notice that in the new version I neglected to put the little cheek-fringies… oh well, I guess he doesn’t really need them there. He still looks like himself without them. πŸ˜›

Tobyas Redraw

More Toby:

TFW Heroes


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Yowler and Draggin page 16

Yowler and Draggin banner

Latest update for β€˜Yowler and Draggin’! Page 16 (Good gosh, it’s about time this updated!! *o* )

–>View it on deviantArt

–>Start reading from the beginning

Yowler and Draggin, page 16 by SekoiyaStoryteller

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Custodiae, full portraits

Here are the full views of the Custodis portraits! I actually made two different versions of this… the other version has the peoples’ names on it and the symbols of the Elements they correspond with. But while I liked having all that info there, it looked a bit cluttered aesthetically; I thought this one was more eye-pleasing. But you can still see the one with the names if you like; it’s down below the blank version. πŸ™‚

(PS: the last guy in the bottom right corner isn’t a Custodis… I put him there so that the last gal wouldn’t be all alone in her quadrant, haha. πŸ˜€ He IS from the same story though and he’s even related to one of the others! πŸ™‚ )

Custodiae full portraits (BLANK)

Named version:

Custodiae full portraits (NAMES)

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