Blue Lady: Redraw

Blue Lady: Redraw

In times of trials both outer and inner, one’s muse might not sing as readily through the clouds of emotional dissonance. But still, one seeks to hear one’s muse, to help ease the very burden that may perhaps be causing said muse’s quiet spells. So, what does one do?


Yeah, I think that’s what’s been happening to me with all these redraws. xD Masky’s not as loud as she could be, probably because of all the trials I’ve been trudging through lately. Often I’m not very in-resonance with myself these days. But I still want to nourish that warm spot in my chest where Masky lives, and drawing her is usually the go-to method of doing that. But alas, the lessening of inspiration presents less ideas for new drawings. So, when in doubt, do like Disney and remake the old stuff. :’D

As to this. Man… I loved the old one. I mean, it’s in my ‘personal favorites’ folder on deviantArt (and not going anywhere!). But the NEW one, boy.

<3 <3 <3

…Can I keep her? …Can she be mine? Can she be my person?? :’D

…I REALLY like how it came out, in other words. xD I mean, I can still see some flaws but I feel like the Drawing Goddess was at least mostly with me here. 😀 Masky was supposed to have a neutral expression but for some reason, she looks really SAD in the new one! :'( Just… her deep melancholy is just leaking out all over the place somehow! I just want to launch myself in there and give her the biggest hug in the universe. …Well, I want to do that pretty much all the time… xD… but especially when she’s sad. <:’3

(Also I notice she came out at a slight angle rather than facing us head-on like in the old one… interesting how that just kind of happened. xP )

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