Harahpin Cover“Three creatures living on a planet rather like Heaven find themselves thrust out of their paradise and into their world’s Hellish twin, and discover that they are part of a powerful prophecy.”

Harahpin is a fantasy novel and my first published book… scroll down a bit for a longer synopsis. πŸ™‚

You can get Harahpin as a paperback or a Kindle book on Amazon.com.

Harahpin is the first in a series called The Torian Tri-Point. See the Facebook page for the series here. Also, the second book in the series, The Pantorians, is available as well.

You may also check out an artwork ‘trailer’ for this book. Be tantalized. πŸ˜€

{WARNING} I would not recommend this book for young children… it contains some gory descriptions and frightening scenes/illustrations.

What if Heaven and Hell were planets? What if they were not merely ethereal planes but were two rocky bodies drifting out in the cosmos, orbiting a star, rotating on their axes, and generating magnetic fields? What if, instead of being destinations for spirits of the dead, they each bore biospheres of life forms much like ours, destined to live out their lives in either bliss or agony?

Eyrco, Euron, and Saphillin are three creatures who know what it’s like to live on a planet of heaven. But their planet, Pairetoria, is also paired with the hellish Untoria, and far too closely for comfort. And furry little Eyrco and her two winged friends feel drawn closer still. Drawn by dreams to the wicked world, Untoria, they are soon to find that they are part of a powerful prophecy, which for thousands of years has sung of the liberation of numerous souls lost on a planet of hell.

Three small, benign beings without so much as a fang among them against a whole planet of soul-twisting nightmares, with the balance between two estranged worlds at stake… will their small light be enough to reckon with the deepest dark?

harahpin old edition cover


The old edition of this book is still available as a paperback on Amazon as well… click here if you prefer this edition. NOTE: The stories and illustrations in both editions are exactly the same… only the covers and the size are different.



Harahpin isΒ Β© Sequoia the Storyteller. All rights reserved.

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~Pairetorian Language

~Untorian Language

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  1. bee says:

    Neat! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. UnicornCrazy says:

    I’m so desperate to READ THIS BOOK!!! xD * impatience*

  3. InisfailStoryteller says:

    I can’t wait! So excited, I’m going to actually spend money from my ‘Green Mandolin Fund’ to buy the thing! (If you ask- every cent I own is in said ‘fund’. That amasses to about sixty dollars.) But seriously! CHRISTMAS EVE COME FAST!!!!!

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      First of all. Ahem. INNEEEEEEE!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ You have found this site! You have JOINED this site!! I am so spectacularly excited!!!! πŸ˜€ Welcome aboard!!

      Okay, now I got THAT out of my system… on to the specifics. xD Your mandolin fund is, of course, yours to do with what you will… I sort of feel bad about that though. ^^; But the book’ll probably be no more than 5 dollars, I’m guessing. And STOP asking that day to come FASTER… I’m under immense pressure here!! xD

      • InisfailStoryteller says:

        Of course I’ve found it and joined it! You know me, Sequoia. Why does this surprise you? πŸ˜€

        Anyway! No, I don’t mind spending five dollars on a book my brainsister wrote, I just put that in there jokingly! No need to feel bad! And I can stop, if you like, it’s just that everything good is happening that day- Harahpin, Les Miserables opens, among other things! but if you like, I can will it to come slower.

        • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

          I’m not surprised, just delighted. Immeasurably. Delighted. xD

          Well, that’s good then, and thank you very much for seeking the book. πŸ˜€ It’s not even out yet and there are already people vowing to read it! This also delights me immeasurably. ^_^ But I don’t think you ought to will time to go slower or faster, myself… I’m nervous and under pressure, but I also can’t wait πŸ˜€

          • InisfailStoryteller says:

            Well, delightedness is luckily permitted πŸ˜€

            My Amazon account is being a booger, but I’ll strighten it out in time, I hope. But as for time, I can stop willing it to do anything, then. Though I’ve decided- there must be a balance of time-wills in the world, right? about equal numbers of people willing it to move faster, or slower. So with the two opposite forces working against each other, and one person not really making much of a difference among so many millions of billions, I guess time will plod on as it always has.

  4. Mysticalwolf says:

    I desire to have this book. Very muchly. SEKOIYA, THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVAAAAAH!

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      I’m glad you’re excited! πŸ˜€ I’m a nervous wreck, but excited too, I guess. xD

      • Mysticalwolf says:

        When I heard on EA that you were going to release a book some time, I went loco in the coco searching for it. And then I found out about this. Excitement is currently boiling down, but on Christmas Eve, it’s gonna BLOW. ITS. TOP. LITERALLY. Oki’llstopscreaming.

        • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

          I’m so thrilled that you’re thrilled. πŸ˜€ I’m blowing my top too, but also chewing my nails… I have to work out a bunch of bank/royalty stuff before I can get this out, and this is the part that is REALLY new and alien to me. I just hope I can do it all in time… I don’t want to let you guys down. Nor myself…

  5. Mysticalwolf says:

    -Squeal- THREE DAYS LEFT! Three bloomin’ days ’til that bloomin’ book bloomin’ comes out! I’m trying to stop myself from screaming. As hard as I can. Bloomin’ horseshoe earrings(I have those! 8D), Christmas Eve, hurry up or I ain’t gonna celebrate no bloomin’ Christmas no more! -Scream-

  6. Mysticalwolf says:

    ERMEHRGURDNERSS SEKOIYA. CHECK OUT THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON HARAHPIN ON AMAZON. Why must you make my desire for your book go even further? -flails-

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