Harahpin ‘Trailer’

This is a collection of pictures that I’ve drawn as a sort of ‘trailer’ for my book Harahpin, to, well… tease people into wanting to read it. 😛 There’s one full-color shot for every chapter… it’s not necessarily the most central event in the chapter, though… just an event. 😀

All art on this page is (c) Sequoia the Storyteller. You are not permitted to use these works or claim them as your own.

Harahpin Teaser, Prologue

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 1

This dream was starting to become a part of her… to become her. It was like a dark little companion linked to her spirit.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 2

“You’ll be pretty late for your appointment with your dream… you think there’s enough time?”

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 3

The temple that loomed before them was very old. The colorful stones were chipped and fractured, and some were missing entirely from the walls.

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 4

Apparently, other creatures had noticed this brightness as well.

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 5

“I’ll tell you what’s going down,” said Euron… “our planet’s whacked.”

Harahpin Teaser, ch 6

Standing not too far away under a tree, in a shadow cast by the setting sun, an immense silhouette lurked. Two reflective yellowish eyes looked out from its dark form…

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 7

“Euron,” Eyrco breathed. She blinked several times, not sure if she was seeing things or not. “Euron, you’re… you’re glowing!”

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 8

“Before we seal this filthy beast’s fate… let’s tell his friends why they are here.”

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 9

“Not to say I wouldn’t prefer a cool dip in clean water… but that’s a scarcity around here, if you couldn’t already tell.”

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 10

He gave the sense that in the mind concealed behind those lightless eyes, he kept a thousand deadly secrets, and a thousand chilling mysteries.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 11

Eyrco felt a very strange, yet familiar, energy between herself and the penamog…

Harahpin Teaser, Ch. 12

Most terrifying of all were the eyes… there were only sockets, deep, gaping, black… two holes so lifeless they would have shamed death itself.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 13

He was looking for holes… pathways into the deep darkness under the very mountains themselves.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 14

It barely had time to turn in his direction before he was upon it, ripping, tearing, biting…

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 15

His yellowy light starkly outlined the visage around the holes… its features stood out against the shadows like a sharp etch in metal.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 16

Then he noticed something that made his eyes dart about the forest around them. It was silent… an unnerving silence that was filled with empty promises.

Harahpin Teaser, ch 17

And oddly enough, the very world around them seemed softened by the song.

Harahpin Teaser, ch. 18

It was as if the moons were daring them to try.

Harahpin Teaser, Epilogue

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