The Pantorians

Pantorians Cover“A musical boy who is more than he appears must use his powers of song to save his planet from nightmarish destruction.”

This is the sequel to Harahpin, and the second book in the Torian Tri-Point series. It is a fantasy story starring a musical young man… or is he a dragon? Hm. Anyway, there’s a longer synopsis a short scroll below. :3

You can get The Pantorians on as a paperback or a Kindle book.




Millions of years have passed since our three worlds were separated. Our planet is not alone… it is bonded with two others. Long ago the other two, Pairetoria and Untoria, fell away from our shared sun, fleeing in fear of a dark event in our world’s future. They have not been heard from since.

But they are still out there. And they are about to reach out to us again. One means us much good… the other seeks to do us devastating harm. Which will prevail? The deciding factor is a boy named Aidan, who is much more than he appears. With his narrative friend at his side, Aidan will embark on an amazing journey, visiting both the other worlds and encountering everything from dragons to soul-shattering demons. He will discover that planets are living things too, and that his drive to create music may be exactly what he needs to save us all.

Pantorians old edition cover


The old edition of this book is still available as a paperback on Amazon as well… click here if you prefer this edition. NOTE: The stories and illustrations in both editions are exactly the same… only the covers and the size are different.



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