Catch-upping (an art and some comics)

GOSH I’ve neglected this site over the past month or so. D’8 All I can say is, school and life have been keeping me pretty busy… but I DO have about a billion updates for Accidental Elemental that I’ve neglected to announce here and one little doodle I made in a sketchbook last night. I shall drop them all off at once! 😀

First of all, the AE comic pages… I’ve finished pages through pg. 29, and it looks like the last update I announced here was page 25, so I’ll just give you the links for page 26, from which you can easily continue forward in both locations. ^^;

–>Pg 26 on

–>Pg 26 on


Second! The doodle I made last night. It’s an etchy-etch of Sekoiya (in goat-mode) with Mask Face, because I just NEEDED to draw something like this for spiritual-nourishment reasons:

Goat and Her Lady

So, I guess that’s all the catch-upping I needed to do for the moment? :’D I’ll try not to fall behind with stuff again but I can’t guarantee it while school stuff is hijacking my brain so consistently. x’D

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