Changing stuff

Hi everybody, I’m playing around with the look and stuff of this site so don’t be alarmed if things look a bit choppy for a while. 😛 It just needed something fresh… it felt stagnant. ^^; It’ll still operate the same though, no fears. (Or if it doesn’t, I assure you there’s a glitch in place and I’ll be out to fix it. xD) I’m not sure what that extra ‘Blog’ button is about in the header menu… both lead to the same page and everything. Hmmm… this bears investigation… >_>

I think the email bug might also be fixed too so people MIGHT get this message in their emails… I guess we’ll have to see. 😛 If you get this message in your emails do feel free to comment if only to let me know that that bug is finally gone. xP Thanks!

Have an excellent day/evening/morning/whatever time of day it is for you at present. 😀


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