Checking in with some art updates

Hello… it has been a while since I posted here. ^^; I transitioned to a new school and new town in late August and my brain has been totally hijacked by not only the classwork load (which is substantial from week to week) but just getting around the adjustment of everything around me being unfamiliar. But I’m here today with a bit of a backlog of arts. :’D

M&H Design Sheet

Here’s a design sheet I did for the characters in a current book-project of mine called ‘The Maiden and the Hermit’. Most of this stuff was actually done in 2017, with just the darker dragon’s pattern-details having been finished up this year! So, on the Art page, I added this one to the ‘2017 Art’ gallery. :’P (Definitely zoom in on this one; everyone looks very small otherwise!)

Mouse Buddy

I basically just wanted to draw something quick, personal, and therapeutic so I did this happy li’l picture of Enigma the Crow and Radio the Mouse, characters from a story idea I have called ‘Flying Colors’.

For Old Times’ Sake

More therapy-art, I think, and this time, it’s even more personal. xD Those who have been looking at my stuff for a really long time will probably remember Sekoiya the Kazzen? I dunno why, but I felt like doodling my old, blue-fuzzed alter-self again the other day. :’D

So yes, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can keep stuff more regularly updated around here but no promises with all of this madness lately. ^^; I’ll do my best though!

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