Custodiae, full portraits

Here are the full views of the Custodis portraits! I actually made two different versions of this… the other version has the peoples’ names on it and the symbols of the Elements they correspond with. But while I liked having all that info there, it looked a bit cluttered aesthetically; I thought this one was more eye-pleasing. But you can still see the one with the names if you like; it’s down below the blank version. 🙂

(PS: the last guy in the bottom right corner isn’t a Custodis… I put him there so that the last gal wouldn’t be all alone in her quadrant, haha. 😀 He IS from the same story though and he’s even related to one of the others! 🙂 )

Custodiae full portraits (BLANK)

Named version:

Custodiae full portraits (NAMES)

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