Elementae XIV

The other day I started making these just as a way to have some nice, easy, peaceful drawing time with myself (something I have been sorely lacking AND needing lately, ack.  xD ) These were surprisingly relaxing to work on, and in the end I really liked them, so I put them in a nice spiffy display so you lot could see them too. 😀

Now, ABOUT them. These represent THE elemental set of my childhood/growing-up. I mean, I’ve done other elemental sets, but THESE and I go waaaaaaay back! (I seem to be really going with that thing that the little birdie told me about nourishing my nostalgia… first Link and Spyro fan-art, and now a more intrapersonal nostalgia, hah. 😀 ) Honestly, the word ‘element’ is a bit loose for them… for they aren’t based purely on substances, but more the various behaviors of substances (hence why many may seem redundant). But it’s much easier to just call them Elements rather than ‘Behaviors of Substances Found in Nature’. 😀 (Also they weren’t always named in Latin, but they have been at least since I was in middle school… because why not, and it sounds cool. xD )

This elemental set has an entire story world that revolves around it… various cultures are based on one or more of these elements, regions are shaped by them, creatures are influenced by them, spirits and demi-spirits are associated with them, there are magical artifacts that react to them, etc, etc.

There may be more art to do with this story world in the near future; I’ve got it a bit on the brain right now. 😛

Elementae XIV

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