Feeler-Faced Floofs

So, this is something I started… oh gosh, I think back at the end of last December! xD I had it sitting around since January, in a state of near-completion, and just yesterday I FINALLY finished the dang thing! :’D

The idea was to draw a compilation of all the major (or at least major-ish xD) Kazzen characters from the Torian Tri-Point… most of these characters I haven’t drawn in several years, or in a couple of cases, never drawn in color!

From top to bottom we have: Cuffi; Kaedo; Sekoiya (my old beast-self, interesting drawing her again :D); Sarephae; Kaeza Jaeral; Deondris; and a pair who have not been introduced at all yet and who only appear in book three. ^w^

Feeler-Faced Floofs

(PS: Somehow I got a bit feels-y listening to this song while drawing these guys… I think it’s because I came upon and listened to that song while writing Chapter 7 in The Pantorians, which is probably my favorite chapter in that book, eee. :’D <3 )

(PSS: Sorry if the watermarking of this is obnoxious; it’s basically 8 separate drawings so… I guess 8 watermarks? ^^; I dunno, I’m doing my best. :’P )

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  1. HaruChan says:

    Sarephae was my favorite character in The Pantorians, and I hope to see more of her in book 3.

    Also, is the Kazzen on the very bottom related to Kaedo in any way?

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