Seems like this has been a rough year on everyone, and I am no exception… I don’t tend to talk about my real-life baggage on the internet much, so suffice it to say that my soul is currently rather raw from the sheer amount of dysfunction/toxicity I’ve been stuck dwelling in this year. Stressors from Covid and all-virtual-university challenges are only the top layer.

So, it was time for TEETH. Drawing Dragon-Sekoiya’s big snarly teeth in this vent art was seriously cathartic, no kidding! Wish I could actually use those teeth and her menacing face and her seething fire to scare ALL the dysfunction away.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Happy Solstice everyone. :’3 Here’s hoping next year will be better for all of us!


PS: And on a completely unrelated note: Wow, how come I’ve been drawing so much pinky/purply art lately? Lookit these two Bluefellows; overall they have almost the same color scheme as this one! xD


Ye Shal’t Not Pass

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