Pairetorian Language

Treliamet Pairetoriasi sae naetiesin. Asael ke sekon aurati de sa kei.

Translation: “To speak Pairetorian is fun. Especially to word lovers like you and me.”

Note: This is ALWAYS under construction! It’ll be updated continuously! Things may even change as I work out any linguistic kinks… ^_^

*The Pairetorian alphabet has here been Romanized for your convenience. 🙂


(you can also see the category ‘Communication’ for more of this kind of stuff)

And: sa

Are: [see ‘Yes’]

At: [See ‘In’]

Be: (I still need to figure this the heck out. It’s quite complicated. xD)

For/On behalf of: tri (pronounced like ‘tree’)

If/in the event of: wir

In/inside/on/upon: ipir (can also mean ‘at’, as in being somewhere)

It: [see ‘The’]


Of/like: pae (can describe substance; also is oft used to make similie-comparisons)

*Made of ice= pae chask

                                *Heart of stone (poetic comparison)= auratel pae tepheagan

Or: asa

Out/outside/off: pir

The/that/this: ta (also may refer to ‘it’)

Through: pirripir

To/toward: lo


Pa-/po-: creates a past tense. So, ‘I flew’ = ‘ka pamereit’ (‘mereit’ is ‘fly’). ‘Pa’ is most commonly used but ‘po’ would be used on a word that already starts with ‘a’.

Ey-: ‘Ey’ is for Pairetorian what ‘ing’ is for English. So turning ‘siphta’ into ‘eysiphta’ is turning ‘read’ into ‘reading’. “I am reading” would be “keisa eysiphta”.


-i: pluralizes whatever noun. Example: aurato (lover/enthusiast) + -I = aurati (multiples of those). This won’t, though, usually be used to pluralize –o/-a ending words… the plural for euraespilo is still euraespilo. Euraespili is just multiple dreams, not dreamers (though you could refer to a dreamed one as just a dream I suppose :P).

-in: primary conversion of a noun to an adjective. Example: craela (light, subst.) + -in = craelin (lit, glowy)

-o/a: Describes someone or something as having a noun’s quality. Example: Trelit (a pretty sound) + -o/a = trelo/trela (pretty-sounding one; one of pretty sounds). This also can be used to compare something to something else (eyes like fire = ora pae craeliatho), and often can be seen converting a noun into a name (note that all names on Pairetoria are unisex, regardless of -a or -o endings). When a word already ending in a or o is made a name, its suffix changes to -ea/eo. Finally, this can be used to tell someone to do something… telling someone to fly is telling them to be a flier, so you would say ‘de merea’ to them if you wanted them to fly. Or ‘de liasa’ if you wanted them to walk/move. Or ‘de naetia’ if you wanted them to play.

-met/amet/emet/imet: To do something a verb describes. Example: mereit (fly) + -met = mereiamet (TO fly)

-ya: This is essentially a command to do something. Adding ‘ya’ at the end of a verb is telling someone or something to do the thing that verb describes. Example: ‘trelya’= telling someone to speak or sing.

-dae or -di: BE something an adjective describes. For example, telling someone ‘eagandi’ or ‘eagandae’ is telling them ‘be strong’.


Art: eyan or aeyan (this can refer to the craft/trade of someone or creative expression in general)

~Artistic/creative: eyantrin/aeyantrin

Create/make/build: taeril

~Creator/builder: taerilian

~Creation/building/product: taerilo/taerila (isn’t that interesting…)


Color (substance): chamet

~Colorful: chameti (note the pluralization too… *)

~Of many colors/painter: chameta/chameto

*You are colorful= desa chameti (you are colors)!

~Red: kaeza, or kaza

~Orange: ammi

~Yellow: imi

~Green: erebi, or aeribi

~Blue: paida

~Purple: jzael, or jazael

~Black: chor (interesting! Like Untoria’s ‘chorek’!), or khor

~White: lur, or ilur (I think ‘lur’ means pale in general)

~Brown: Perr, or perra

~Gray: chier (pronounced ‘chee-air’, not ‘chair’ xD )

~Silver: pirro

~Gold: eyrcara

~Copper/coppery: fardon

*Pairetorians can get very specific about their colors and hues and have many more words for colors than this. To list them all would take up much space, I fear. ^^; But here are a few examples of what I mean:

~Golden-brown: maela

~Turquoise-blue: aurzai

~Creamy-yellow: lurimi

Golden: eyrcarin

~Of gold/golden one: eyrco/eyrca

~Mediums and Methods

Drawing: aecheche (of a sketch, not usually in reference to paintings)

~’Living Drawing’: alaerocheche (a phenomenon which hasn’t been seen much since Untoria’s Curse…)

Paint: chamet (same as ‘color’ 😛 This also usually refers to most colorful drawing substances… a set of colored pencils, to a Pairetorian, would be a set of ‘colors’ ^u^)

Paper: churrip

Story: sekoi

~Poem/short narrative: sek

~Storyteller: sekoiya


Drum: rhotan

~Drum player: rhotana/rhotano

Sing: trell

Song: kaed

~Music: trellikae (also see ‘Tune/pleasant sound’)

~Song-maker: kaeda/kaedo

String: rostin (also refers to stringed instruments)

~String-maker/string-worker: rostian (can apply to sewers/weavers, or those who make/play stringed instruments)

*I make drums and strings/stringed instruments: kei taeril rhotanni sa rostini

Tune/pleasant sound: trelit

~Pleasant-sounding: trellin


Body: torph

~Physical/to do with the body: torphin

~Embodied/born: torphet


Ear: forra

Eye: ora

Head: jado

Heart: auraton (physical. For poetic/emotional heart, see ‘Love’.)

Tail: sila

~Tailed one: silaeo/silaea

Wing: naela

~Winged one: naelea/naeleo


Breath: xepeial

Sight: orapae


(Nothing yet)



Especially/in particular: asael

Goodbye/departure: cariase

Hello/greeting: acari , OR, asai (I think the first one is a little more formal, and/or used to address multiples)

Me/I/my: kei

Neighbor: aiyabrin, or eiyabrin (this is a common word of amiability among strangers, mostly, but could be used between acquaintances and friends as well)

No/not: osae (this also can mean ‘is not’.)

~Never: aosae

~A negation, ex. ‘I will not/you will not/it will not/we will not’: keiosae/deosae/teosae/kaosae

Now/right away: qist

They/them: eta (also plural ‘you’)

We/us: ka

Welcome: incari

Yes: sae/sai (this also can mean ‘is’ or ‘are’.)

~An affirmation, ex. ‘I will/you will/it will/we will’: keisai/desai/tesai/kasai

~To say ‘I am’ or ‘you are’ or ‘it is’, in a present tense, just add ‘sa’. ‘Keisa’, ‘desa’, ‘tesa’, etc.

You/yours: de


Enchanting: sarephin

~Enchantment: sarephae

~Enchanting one: sarepha/sarepho

Full: jorrin

~Fill (verb): jorein

Small: mytti

Strange: aegon

~Strange one: aegonea/aegoneo (note the exception to the -a/-o endings… no plain a or o after ‘agon’, yet still… fits that ‘strange’ should be strange. xD)

Strong: eagan (of body or mind) *not to be confused with ‘aegon’, strange.

~Strong one: eagana/eagano

Tall: tansei

~Tall one: tansa/tanso


Book: eshbi

Scroll: churrel

Word: sekon


Creature: alaerokayn (most commonly refers to animals but could be used generally for any life form)

Life: alaeron

~Alive/living: alaerin


Alligator/crocodilian: peqaire, or saihkestona (two Pairetorian crocodilian species)

Bat: kait

Bird: qeet

~Large bird: qin (this can be general, or refer to a specific species, the qin)

Butterfly (or closest thing to): chamenaela (also see ‘Insect’)

Cat: jallo

Dragon: kazzen

Dog: podan

Dolphin (or closest thing to): cipkeen

Fish: aelei

~Large fish/shark (or closest thing to): aeleiok (It’s worth noting that the closest thing Pairetoria has to a shark is a very large vegetarian fish…)

Fox (or closest thing to): dynwa

Frog: tig

~Alternatively, a larger frog/toad: tiag

Horse: wokwek (general equine creature, but also specifically refers to a cute little spotty creature with hooves and a sloped back)

-Also: chameto-wokwek (a painting unicorn, basically… he has a tufted horn to brush with :D)

Hyena (or the closest thing to): gizdimon

Insect: leipaz (refers to the common being of insects, arachnids, and other invertebrates like worms)

~Flying invertebrate: mirripaz

~Ground/burrowing invertebrate: teffipaz

~Aquatic invertebrate: teqipaz

~Tree-dwelling invertebrate: giqipaz

Kangaroo (or the closest thing to): kaibar (is really a unique upright dancing-creature with features like those of a kangaroo)

Lizard: peqhona

Monkey/primate: kijin

Mouse: mytdinnel (also see ‘Rodent’)

Raccoon (or closest thing to): qizzan

Rodent: dinnel (general)

-Also: saphidinnel (a geode-coated armadillo critter :D)

Serpent/snake: sonatiel

Whale: vomkeen

~Plants and Fungi

Flower: jaeral

~Flowery: jaerallin

~One of flowers: jaeralo/jaerala (jaeralo-qeet, bird of flowers… actual species :D)

Fruit: qwaek

Nut (of a tree): chait

Plant (in general): giqwit, or gilaerokayn

Roots: giqwori (singular is ‘giqwor’)

Tree: giqwaet


~Acts and Deeds

Change/shift: chamern

Changeling/one who changes: chamerna/chamerno

Dream (of sleep): euraespilo

~One of dreams; a dreamed entity/dreamer, who dreams: euraespileo/ea

[For a ‘goal’-type-dream, see ‘Imagination’ under ‘State of Being’]

Fun/play: naetis (noun and verb) naetiesin (fun, adj.)

*Will you play? = De naetio?

                ~Celebrate: naetilo

Grow: qain (upward) or qann (outward/expanding)

Heal: alaire (verb)

~Practice of healing: alairemet

Hear: forr

Hug/embrace: yairm

Inspire: jaiyra, or xaiyra (the latter pronounced with a softer ‘zh’ sound at the start)

~ Inspiring: jaiyrin, or xaiyrin

Listen/Pay attention: kraeya, or kraya

Read: siphta (as in, ‘read a book’)

Repair: [see ‘Heal’]

See: oramet (verb… also see ‘Eye’… note, this is like, ‘to eye’. ‘To see’ is the same word.)

Show/reveal: presora

Sleep: aespil

~Sleepy: aespillin

Surround/envelop: oyairme, or oyarme

Voice/speak: trelia

Wake/awaken: spiar

~Awake: spiarin

~Getting Around

Fly/flight: mereit

~Flier/flying one: merea/mereo

Go: rai

~Go TO: lorai

Move/motion: liase (also means walking)

Moving/flowing: liasin

Dance: [art-motion… needs word for art]

Run: [fast-motion… needs word for fast]

Return/go back/backtrack: raiet

~Go back TO: loraiet

Side/Section: tem, or taem

Place/area: qel/oqel


Belong: carael

~Belonging to: carael ipir (at)

Imagination: jasseuriys

~Imaginative: jasseurri

~Goal/aspiration/quest: jasseuraba (note ending like ‘teraba’… bit of tangibility there.)

Mind: euriys

Soul/spirit: eurondiris

~Ghost: euron (:D)

-Also: euroni craeli, or craela pae euroni… ‘ghost lights’, a VERY all-important form of micro-life on Pairetoria…)

~Moods and emotions

Fear: impurnem

~Afraid: impurnemmi

Happy: jassin

~Happiness (subst.): jassae

~Happy one: jassaeo/jassaea

Hope: jasorapae, or jasoraphae (a little ‘enhchantment’ in this version :D)

~Hopeful: jasoraphin (always with ‘phin’, never ‘pin’… if you’re hopeful, you’re a bit enchanted)

~Hopeful one/one who brings hope: jasorapeo/jasorapea; for the second meaning, hope-bringer… jasorapho/jasorapha

Love: aurat (substance, and verb)

~Lover of something/someone, enthusiast: aurato/aurata

~Loving: auratin

~Heart (emotional): auratel


Bad: purnem (this is a root for pretty much all things malevolent/unfortunate as far as Pairetorians are concerned… they don’t have too much to go by, lucky them. :D)

~Hell/bad state or location: purnempeta

Good: jass (a positive/favorable quality to something)

Well/ Wellness: waeja


Pairetorian: Pairetoriasi

Pangaean: Pangaeasi

Planet/world: toria

Reality (tangible): teraba

~Real/physically substantial: terabin

~Within physical reality/existence: ipir teraba

~To become real/realize: terabamet, OR, terabaya (when you really want something to be real, you yell the second one at it. xD)

Untorian: Untoriasi


Sky: sonerein (also refers to air, still atmosphere)

~Of the sky/sky-dwelling: sonereio/sonereia

Cloud(s): soneret/sonereti

~Cloudy: (see ‘Weather’)

Wind: xepyss (pronounced ZHE-pis)

~Windy: xepyssin

~Of the wind/windy one: xepysa/xepyso


Moon: dulemm

~Moon of Pairetoria, specifically: Aricaril*

*Aricaril the moon=Aricaril ta dulemm (can hear this phrase often)

Stars (as seen at night): saphilli (also see ‘Shine/sparkle’)

Sun/star: alaeriath, or craealaeriath (if you want to tie up your tongue more…)

~Name for sun of Pairetoria, specifically: Cupheleon

Universe: Deondreum (? This is an odd, omnipotent word, meaning a bit more than just the object of the cosmos itself…)

~A name coming from this: Deondris/Deondreis


Forest: ginqwaezann

Marsh/swamp: weitel

~Marshy: weitelli

~One of the marsh: weito/weita

Mountain: toren

Sand: eschel

~Sandy: eschelli

Soil/dirt: tephet

~Dirty/covered in soil: tephetin

Stone/rock: tepheagan

~Forces of Nature

Cold: chazzel (subst.; also see ‘Ice’)

~Cold (adj.): chazzan

Darkness: rhae

Death: raitespil (interesting… ‘return-sleep’…)

~Dead: raitespillin

Echo: abatrel

Echoing/resonant: abatrellin

One who echoes/resonates: abatrelo/abatrela

Fire: craeliath (subst.)

~Fiery: craeliathin

~Of fire: craeliatho/craeliatha

~Dragon-fire (that of Kazzens): Aricaril* (also see ‘Moon’)

Heat: liath

~Hot: liathin

(something funny I notice… this is very like ‘liase’, the word for motion. For something to be hot, there have to be particles in motion. Hmmm… :P)

Ice: chask

~Icy: chaskin

~Of ice/icy one: chasko/chaska

Light: craela

~Of the light: craeleo/craelea

Nothing/nothingness: veor

~Empty: veorin


Food: omael

Nest/Bed/Resting Place: sojya, or sagya (varies with dialect)

~Other People

Evil being: purnemma

Hero/person of great heart/deeds: kaital

~Heroic/legendary: kaitalo/kaitala

Neighbor: aiyabrin, or eiyabrin

~Things to See

Shadow: rigazzet (subst.)

~Shadowy: rigazzin

~One of shadows: rigazzo/rigazza

Shine/sparkle/lustrous object: (noun, and verb ‘shine’) saphil

~Shiny/sparkly/lustrous: saphillin

~Multiple shiny objects: saphilli (also refers to stars at night)


Day: cuphelari

Evening: rigari (refers to the dusk hours)

Morning: cuphel

Night: ari

Time: chunem (subst.)

~Passing of time: chunaeliase


Lake: mytteq

Rain: (see ‘Weather’)

River: teqaliase

Sea/ocean/watery/of the water or sea: teqa/teqo

Water: teq


Cloudy: soneretin

Lightning: sonericaril

Rain: shae, or teqihashae (I’m trying to figure out if these are interchangeable or if each means something slightly different…)

Snow (on ground): chaskier

~Falling snow/snowy weather: chasri

Storm: sonerikaed (sky-music)

Thunder: sonerhotan

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