I’ve been studying like an Absolute Mad Dog for almost a week straight (my finals start tomorrow), and I just HAD to take a break and doodle something just for the fun of it. :’D.

Anyhow! Here’s Goat-‘Koiya with her curly wool shorn! Even her beard and hoof-fringe are trimmed! She’s been appearing like this in my mind’s eye recently. :3

It’s probably because I am seeking a haircut on my real-life human head. xD It’s getting warmer around here and my floofy, thicker-than-polar-bear-long-johns hair is NOT very compatible with this lousy, elevated-desert, pseudo-mediterranean, scrub/chaparral nonsense that I have been marooned in for over two decades because I was HEINOUSLY EXPORTED from my native habitat when I was only 4 years old and had no say in the matter! xD My DNA SCREAMS every summer: “YOU SHOULD BE IN NORTHERN EUROPE! D:< ”

…Well, I kind of went off rambling there. :’D Enjoy happy, fuzzy Goat ‘Koiya. xD

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