I’ve been quiet, I fear…

Hello to everyone who reads this blog. 🙂 I’ve realized that I haven’t posted anything since last month. I guess I’ve been going through another of those dry spells in which I really don’t draw or write much, so there hasn’t been much to post about. Hopefully my creative-conduit will get going again soon and I’ll have more interesting things to say. -w-

In other news, I’ve been seriously considering doing something big next year… like going to a film school for instance. I’ve had my eye on a particular film school in Vancouver for a while but it’s very expensive and I’m kind of stuck on the financial plan. ^^; Alternatively, I could go back to Norway where I was born and see family-people I haven’t seen since I was four. I can’t do both at once, so I’ve been stewing over which one to try for first. :p I’m kind of leaning to the Norway option though… it wouldn’t be QUITE as costly and there would be people I know on the other end.

Anyway. That’s what’s been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. Eventually, preferably soon, I will get back to the fun stuff and won’t need to write boring rambling posts just to make the site look like it hasn’t been abandoned. xD Bear with me, I guess… inspiration can be fickle, and for me, that’s especially true these days for some reason. ._.

Shall talk and share again soon.



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