Masky For The Sake Of Masky. 😀 I have a lot of these where this one came from… that is, drawings of this lady which exist purely because I’m helplessly addicted to drawing her, haha. I don’t usually share them, but I’m sharing this one because dagnabbit, I like how it came out. ^_^ (Usually they’re fairly rough sketches/doodles that just occur spontaneously as I answer the sudden addictive prompting to draw Masky. xD This one became more elaborate. 😛 )

(I fussed quite a lot over getting the proportions and pose correct in this drawing. Hopefully it came out okay in that department, though I still have some troubles with humans… OH, those humans. xP Something might still be a little off… but eh. Practice, practice, so they say.)

More on the Art Page as always. 🙂

Masky For The Sake Of Masky

Masky For The Sake Of Masky

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