Massive Catch-up Art Dump part 2

Continuing with posting the backup of art from 2017. :3 I have also updated the Art Page galleries to be arranged by year… it’s easier to browse and also means that one gallery doesn’t have to expand forever and ever until the end of time. xD Capped at one year’s worth, ha. 😛

Anyway! Today we have:

She Goes With Me

^I was doodling for relief that day, seeing as I had been really stressed and nervous before my first-ever solo international trip (which I took in March). So I made something nice and soothing. 😛 It’s Sekoiya the Dragon with my Muse on her head… my favorite pair of personal spirit-entities, hehe. ^_^

Something you’ll have to wonder about

^A sort of teaser for Accidental Elemental… I was illustrating a scene from the comic that won’t come up in the story until almost the end, so it’ll be a ridiculously long time before I actually get to draw this part in the comic itself. ^^; I didn’t want to wait that long so I made this. xD

Yearns For Relief

^AAAAAH creeps!! It’s a Sadarkyd from the Torian Tri-Point series. It had been a while since I’d last drawn one so I guess I was beginning to miss the, uh… little darlings. xD (I listened to ambient horror music while I drew this. It was so deliciously, terrifyingly befitting. 😀 )

Within the Crystal Ball, remake

^This was a remake of a really really old piece of art. 😛

Tinkering With ‘Koiya’s Face

^I was making some minor adjustments to the way I draw Sekoiya’s face… I guess I felt like it was a little too… smooth? Cartoony? I dunno. x’D

Haunting in the Heart

^A vent art I made featuring the character Scald from Accidental Elemental… the vent subject was about anxiety, which I have suffered from and which Scald also suffers from. It really sucks when you feel like you have to be scared of so many things. 🙁

“You Should Not Linger Here…”

^This was based on a really, really interesting theory I came up with about Dreaming Esmeralda… but there wouldn’t be much point in explaining further at this time. ^^; But you can tell something’s abnormal because Masky’s eye is definitely NOT supposed to be orange. D:


^This character, SarhGreba, was formerly a dragon, but it recently occurred to me to re-imagine her as a gargoyle! I guess I realized that I already have an overabundance of dragon characters and thought it might be good to shake things up a bit. xP If you can’t read it, just click on it to zoom in. :3

Enigma the Crow Doodles

^And finally, we have some illustrations of my crow character Enigma (from Flying Colors). These were actually made for a summer biology class in which I had to do a presentation of a local life form… I chose a crow, and Enigma naturally became the mascot. xD Like SarhGoyle, I made this image zoom-in-able, so just click on it to enlarge. 🙂

That concludes this art dump… we’ll see if there’s any more. A lot of what I did this year was comics. :’P


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