Massive Catch-up Art Dump part 3

Just a few more personal pieces and then moving into commissioned art. 😛

You can find these on the Art Page and Commissioned Art Page respectively. :3

Big Sekoiya, reference

^A reference sheet for Big Sekoiya… HIGHLY recommend zooming in for this one. xD

Crayon Spyro doodle

^Just a li’l fan-art of Spyro. He and I go way back. 😀

Actually NOT a M.F.T.S.O.M. doodle

^A sketch of Masky, which, as the title infers, is actually NOT just a ‘Masky For The Sake Of Masky’ doodle, but was intended for a larger purpose… but that project may take time to complete and I liked this sketch, so I decided to share it early. xP

‘Koiya Tear

^Looks like a vent-art, but actually was not… I was just reflecting on a moment in which I experienced a strong spell of emotion. Not BAD emotion… just a LOT of emotion.

~~Now! Onward to commissions… and I’ll be back with more of these later, too. xP These were requested by various people on


^Character Kane the Dragon belongs to laurel-tree on deviantArt.

Cardinal Boy

^Character Hayderyn belongs to RusCSI on deviantArt.

Twice Scalded

^The blue character, Scald, belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire on deviantArt… the red character is the old fan-fiction version of MY character Scald, from Accidental Elemental. 😀

Bio-Ware Wings

^Character Vayler belongs to VaylerSilv on deviantArt.

Twirling Tay

^Character Tayleen belongs to ChiChiBluh on deviantArt.

~Alright, that’s it for this round, but alas, there’s still more. xD Mostly commissions from this point on, unless I find some other personal stuff still lurking in the corners, ha. :’D

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