My Story/Contact

Well guys, here I am. Since you clicked that particular button I’m going to assume you are curious about ME in myself, so I’m going to proceed to type my fingers off in enlightening you. Again, my name is Sequoia the Storyteller and now I’m telling you MY story… well, the brief version, haha. 😀

So I’ve pretty much been telling stories from the moment that I realized I had a consciousness, and drawing since I first discovered pencils and color crayons. Even my first drawings were crude little scenes and sometimes even had captions. I pretty much always have drawn to create narrative first and foremost, not just to make a picture.(Needless to say, still-life is not really my thing). I draw by imagination and if I’m not drawing something that involves a story and/or character, I don’t see much point (not to say that anyone who loves still life can’t draw still life… everyone’s different!)

Then when I was about six I discovered video games… the first video game I ever played was “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” on a Nintendo 64. An impressive game, for sure! It’s no wonder I decided I wanted to make my own… the world of OOT was enthralling and I began to see the potential of telling stories in an interactive style. In fact even now, MOST of my stories want to come forth in that style! I also love animation and I’ve got a few animated movies in my plans as well.

Now I have a billion and a half story ideas which are lodged so firmly in my brain (“create me! Create me!”) that I must obey them. Who’s the brain and who’s the brainchild, yeesh! But in any case, those brainchildren are scrambling to grow up and become fully-fledged brain-adults, and this is why I seek a team to work with! I don’t have enough skill to do ALL the stuff myself, so I seek to combine my abilities and passions with others’. More heads and many hands… you know how it goes. ^u^

Luckily, small though my audience is so far, my craft seems well-received! My first published book has favorable reviews, and I have a significant following on, where I regularly share my arts and writings. Now I just need to join forces with some other crazy creative people and some more worldly, management-type folks and the really big stuff will start happening!

ANYway, my professional email is thus: You may use this if you want to talk to me about anything you see around here. HOWEVER, spammers will not be tolerated and all spam messages will be instantly and unquestionably fed to the tigers. 😉 Of course, you could always just leave a comment around here too I suppose. x)

(PS: This is also part of my story… just the less-worldly version. 😉 )