My Story/Contact

Well guys, here I am. Since you clicked that particular button I’m going to assume you are curious about ME in myself, so here’s a VERY brief rundown. 😀 Contact info and other places to find me are listed at the bottom.

So I’ve pretty much been telling stories from the moment that I realized I had a consciousness, and drawing since I first discovered pencils and color crayons. Even my first drawings were crude little scenes and sometimes even had captions. I pretty much always have drawn to create narrative first and foremost.

Now I have a billion and a half story ideas which are lodged so firmly in my brain (“create me! Create me!”) that I must obey them. Who’s the brain and who’s the brainchild, yeesh! Some of them want to be books, others graphic novels, and yet others animated movies or video games. Let’s see how many I can spin out before I run out of longevity, ack! :’D

To get a little more fanciful, here’s a run down of my avatar/alter-ego/spirit-beast/thing. x’D

Other places you can find me/my stuff include:

~My DeviantArt account

~My Patreon account

~“Accidental Elemental” ComicFury site

~“Yowler and Draggin” ComicFury site

EMAIL: (Spammers will not be tolerated and all spam messages will be instantly and unquestionably fed to the tigers. 😉 )