About Sekoiya the Dragon

Dragons! I have always loved dragons. Ever since I was a teeny-tiny human they have been my favorite creature. <3 How fitting, then, that I seem to have one lurking in the catacombs of my consciousness!

Sekoiyas For All Occasions

Sekoiyas For All Occasions

You could call Sekoiya the Dragon a representation of my own spirit in the form of the most-fitting beast… and that would probably be the most accurate AND concise description you could use, haha. I’ve had many-a-dream in which I’ve embodied her and I tend to imagine enbodying her in meditation/deep thought. She’s like a totem, familiar, spirit guide, power-animal, alter-ego… whatever you want to call her, she’s a deep part of me and where I goeth, she goeth too. ^_^ That means that, as I change and grow in life, she will do so as well. As of the day I am writing this there have been three main forms of Sekoiya, which I will go into more detail about in but a moment:

1: Kazzen ‘Koiya.

All My KoiyanessTo date Kazzen ‘Koiya is the longest-held form of Sekoiya there has ever been. She first came about when I was in middle school, and then she was just called ‘Sequoia the Dragon’, but she was still bluish and fuzzy and native to Planet Pairetoria, one of the main worlds in my Torian Tri-Point series (and wouldn’t you know it, Kazzen ‘Koiya shows up as one of the main characters in book two of that series!) The ‘Kazzen’ species was specified considerably later, but I still consider the earliest incarnations of Kazzen ‘Koiya to BE Kazzen ‘Koiya, even though she was not called that always. I also consider this to be Kazzen ‘Koiya, slightly modified, on the threshold of a major shift (and still largely resisting it):

'Koiya Grows With Me

2: Song-Serpent ‘Koiya.

Bare Bones, Blank Canvas A very short spell that Sekoiya went through as a ‘Song Serpent’, a creature which can be read more about here. As you can see, there is a major difference in appearance from the long-held form of Kazzen ‘Koiya and it was not a shift I made lightly… as I said before, Sekoiya is a deep matter to me and she wouldn’t change so dramatically if I were not in real need of a dramatic change. Something had really shifted in me and Kazzen ‘Koiya suddenly didn’t feel appropriate anymore. As brief an interlude as Song-Serpent ‘Koiya was, I count her because while she was active, I did dream about being her a couple of times (and anyway the Song Serpent is just a cool critter idea 😀 ). But I think she was more of a phase to help process the real change… in truth, I/Sekoiya needed something much bigger.


3: BIG ‘Koiya.

White Dragon in a SnowstormThis is the Sekoiya which is active as I write this. She feels very appropriate for this phase of my life in which I need to be big and bold enough to take on things which I would have previously shrunk from. It is also appropriate that Big ‘Koiya’s most prominent force is her roar …more so than fire breath. This roar is excellent for internally shouting down my old voices of fear, doubt, hesitation, and other such things that get in the way. This roar has such magnitude that it can bring down the barriers all around me. Big ‘Koiya also has charm, to me, in that she is such a ‘classic’ looking dragon… almost like the raw form of the creature. One might call that plain and even unimaginative given her two previous forms, but it just feels good right now to be unfettered by excessive detail. There really is great power, both worldly AND fanciful, in the raw form of a dragon and I need to tap into that right now. 🙂 (And yes, I have already dreamed about being Big ‘Koiya a number of times. ;p I particularly loved the one where I was flying over a town and saw my huge shadow below on the buildings… eee! 😀 )

High on Fantasy

As I look at these three forms of Sekoiya the Dragon I see how they are each fitting for the time of my life in which they were active: Kazzen ‘Koiya came about and stayed throughout a time in which I was changing from child to adolescent and surrounded by peers doing the same thing, and I probably needed to find and express myself (and my inner worlds) with wild, colorful abandon so as to stay true to myself and avoid being bogged down by peer pressure. Song-Serpent ‘Koiya had two modes that represented the ups and downs of a major transition. Big ‘Koiya represents the raw strength and deep magic that I currently need to invoke. I wonder if Sekoiya the Dragon will stay with me for my whole life? And if so, where will she go/take me next? It will be most interesting to find out. 🙂

Update Nov. 2018… a newfound, experimental GOAT MODE! What does this mean? How long will this last? Most curious indeed!

What. The. GOAT.

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