Mysteria doodle

As the title suggests, this is a doodle of Mysteria. xD Specifically, Mysteria Gray, who is a Dreaming Esmeralda character. I’m also experimenting further with that digital-color-over-pencil-sketch art method. 🙂

More on the Art page as usual.

Mysteria Doodle

Mysteria Doodle


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2 Responses to Mysteria doodle

  1. platinumdoodles says:

    How do you do the coloring over the pencil? Do you have a slightly transparent color layer, or do you use the pencil as a shadow layer on top of the color?

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      First of all, HELLO to you sir! 😀 Good to see you here. ^u^ To answer your question, the color is a layer over the sketch, not under it. And it actually isn’t transparent… it’s just set to ‘Multiply’ mode. The Multiply setting lets the pencil lines show through the color, but keeps the colors at their true intensity. 🙂

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