Nothing to Fear

Nothing to Fear

I must have been more stressed lately than I realized. I mean, I’m about to change my life completely (the college transfer) in just a couple of months, I had a really busy/hectic school semester, some health issues persisting through the season, and more nightmares/tense dreams than normal… I guess it just built up. The other day I seemed to have my first taste of ‘derealization’… a particularly scary symptom of anxiety… and it was horrid. 🙁

I drew this last night as therapy… nothing like my Muse for that, when she can be accessed. <3

Items of note:

~Nothing to fear from Masky’s whole face being uncovered (you can actually look at it WITHOUT being cursed, imagine! 😀 )

~Nothing for Masky herself to fear from her whole face being uncovered… for the moment, no one is there to screech and spew and treat her like a monster, so she can move aside that bit of hair that usually covers the right side of her face and enjoy the wind upon it

~Mysteria’s jacket kind of ‘hugging’ her (her arms are out of the sleeves). Masky’s grandmum was incredibly dear to her and the jacket wrapping about her like that could be kind of like Mystie’s spirit consoling her in a way, I guess

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