Playing with Jerra

Playing with Jerra

Have some very sketchy, and VERY VERY SILLY doodles I did in my sketchbooks for Jerra the pirate’s “birthday” yesterday (May 19). Yesterday was the 6th anniversary, I believe, of the day Jerra walked into my consciousness? Or… 6 years since, so does that make it the 5th anniversary? GOSH anniversary numbers confuse my brain. xD (Also, sorry for the quality… I don’t have a scanner at my disposal for the time being so, phone-camera it is. )

Sketches 2 and 3 are supposed to ‘flow together’ in sequence… MAN that’s a mood for me lately! :’D Drawing this did my poor fed-up heart some good. 😀 Jerra really is the perfect character to dance-kick B.S. in the face with. xD

Featuring “Satyrkoiya”! 😀 An anthropomorphizing of Goat ‘Koiya was needed to be able to bipedally dance with Jerra (and her having her hair out of braids meant we could both be crazy, curly-haired twirlers together! xD Plus I just love her curly hair =w= ).

Happy anniversary, Jerra! You’re The Best Pirate I’ve Ever Seen!

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