Here’s a bit of art that I ALMOST! Forgot to put here, but here it is now!

Here’s the long, looooong description I originally published it on deviantArt with:

‘Precipitation’ + ‘Meditative’ = ‘Precipitative’. Obviously. xD
Anyway. Here’s a drawing I’ve been slowly picking away at for a good while. It started when I woke up one morning, maybe a month/month-and-a-half ago, feeling really sad, lost, despair-y, etc. And instead of trying to fight the feeling, I embraced it. I let it have me without resistance or self-judgment. And after a while, when I finally felt ready to get up… what do you know, I felt a lot more patient, charitable, tolerant, just generally like a less prickly human being!
It seems like often there is an inclination to beat off negative emotions with a club. But after the above moments with myself, I developed a hypothesis: What if the negative emotions THEMSELVES are not really a problem, and rather the problem is in the REACTIONS and/or RESISTANCE to them?
I mean, if you permit the fact that you are currently feeling sad, or mad, or depressed, or hopeless, or whichever ‘low’ emotion you identify with in a given moment… if you don’t judge or invalidate or beat yourself up for having them, if you don’t try to tell yourself you’re doing something wrong because you are feeling them… you’ll probably feel that much better already!I mean, “negative” emotions are what we call them, but at the end of the day, they’re really just human emotions. It’s perfectly natural and normal to feel them, just like any other emotion in the spectrum. And if we never felt badly, we could never even tell when we were feeling good.

This is coming from someone who has had anxiety/depression struggles for pretty much a lifetime. But what if I didn’t struggle so much? Someone, I think it was Jim Carrey, said that ‘depressed’ can be re-read as ‘deep rest’. And I honestly see why now. There’s something very cathartic about just surrendering to one’s sadness when it comes up… in a way that is safe, of course.

…A lot of philosophy today, ha. xD Personally I’m going to keep trying this method for a while, whenever I feel depressed.
Everyone stay safe and clean out there.
(PS: I am submitting this on an actual rainy day :3)

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