Returning from the far beyond

First time posting on this site in just a wee bit more than a year, and GOSH it’s nice to have access to the inner workings around here again!! 😀

The reason I was gone so long was primarily because the site did not have a secure connection, and I therefore remained logged out. But NOW, if you’ll look up to the search bar, you shall notice the site is now ‘https’ instead of ‘http’!


In addition to this, some other updates, such as:

~A new domain name (‘sequoiathestoryteller’ in place of ‘imaginationsflightiestescapade’, because MY what a train wreck that one was! o_o; )

~The addition of Graphic Novel content, which was previously absent (the projects are relatively new :3 )

~Some rearranging/editing of pages in general (might do a little more, even)

~The installation of ‘Disqus’ for comments

Special thanks to Shawn and Bill, two awesome tech/web-savvy guys who helped me acquire the https and change the domain. ^_^ (Goodness knows I’m hopeless at the intricacies of stuff like that. x’D So nice to have some help)

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