Serpent Dance

This song did it: -><- GOSH it’s so catchy! 😀

After a few loops of listening to that song, I began to feel Sekoiya the Dragon shifting into ‘Song Serpent’ mode. She was only ever a Song Serpent for so very briefly in her history, and it was interesting to feel this variant of her stirring to life. I could SEE her flowing dance movements to this music, I could FEEL her rocking out with the rhythm! 8D Big Sekoiya may be the mightiest version of Sekoiya to date, but Serpent ‘Koiya has such a freedom of movement that no other version of her has ever had. She’s basically a vaguely-anthropomorphic noodle-dragon, and pretty much all spine, lol. xD It was good fun being a Song Serpent again for a little while, and dancing like a mad, mad dergin inside my soul. 😀

(…Boy, I don’t think I draw nearly enough BLUE art. Nope-nope, not NEARLY. x’D )

Serpent Dance

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