Singing with Rex

“Will a wing’d lady sing with a ‘Tyrant King’?”

Singing with Rex

Inspired by this:…

I just LOVE those sounds for Tyrannosaurus Rex. 😀 😀 😀 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a roaring Rex ever again! (..Okay, Land Before Time can be an exception xD ) But GOSH this deep rumbling voice suits him so much better than a roar! <3  I was playing that video on a loop for somewhere around twenty minutes with my eyes meditatively closed… and by gosh, soon enough I was humming harmonies to Rex’s baritone. ^w^ He made an excellent bass AND metronome. 😀

People in the comments under that video frequently say how terrifying the sounds are… but I honestly can’t help but find them soothing! If I was in a forest at night and there were some Tyrannos about, making these sounds, then contrary to being terrified I’d probably just want to lay down on the loam and let their vibrations come up through me from the earth. As long as I could be assured I was not on their menu, that might be a very peaceful experience. ^_^

(…Gosh darnit, I want Sekoiya to KEEP her new Tyranno-friend. I want him to come back for more pictures later. 😀 )

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