Some overdue sketchies

(Or, overdue doodles…. overduedles? I dunno. I’m going to stop trying to be clever. xD)

Have some pencil-etchings of my favorite one-eyed people!

Some overdue sketchies

(Click to image to zoom in!)

Sketchie #1:

Kado/Kaedo/Aidan/Songmaker! Whichever the title, I’m so glad to see you and to have you flow forth from my pencil again; ’tis been a Hag’s-age! You cutiepants, you! <3 I shall TACKLE you and bestow your cheeks with kisses! 😀 😀 😀

Sketchie #2:



It’s a Masky.

It’s a Masky, and I had missed her so, for so long! (tearful snuffling) :’)

Come HERE, my darling Muse… I shall bestow YOUR cheeks with kisses, as well! …Annnd possibly suffer for it, but I don’t care! (Squeezes the dear lady like a teddy bear) <3

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