Some recent commissions

There’s still a bit of buildup in my art folders from the big gap in which I was logged out of this site. x’D Mostly what’s left are commissions. I’ve added some to the gallery, along with a couple that are really quite new. 😛 Here they are:

Deep Blue Delight

This one is very new, I just finished it a day ago, as of the day I’m posting this. It was requested by DarkoDraco on This character belongs to DarkoDraco.

Silvery Sweet

This one was requested by StarfallHybrid, on behalf of Ookamisoulreaper. The character belongs to the Ookamisoulreaper.

Tea-rific Twosome

This was requested by TheLOAD. Both characters belong to TheLOAD.

Scaly Snugs

This one was requested by Savrin330, on behalf of Neffertity and Midnight-Yamikidate. The left-side character belongs to Neffertity and the right-side character belongs to Midnight-Yamikidate.

Spooks, Sparks, and Scorchings

DragonStalker0713 requested this one; all characters belong to DragonStalker0713.

Just a Festive Light…

Another one asked for by Savrin330, as a holiday-gift for Natsuakai. The character belongs to Natsuakai.

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