Tentative Hope

Tentative Hope

My “New Year’s Doodle” which I started drawing in the last hour of 2020, and carried on drawing as 2021 took over. 😀 I guess the following things: I was reflecting on the actual positive stuff I personally experienced in 2020… which in large part was Accidental Elemental getting giant developments… and also feeling “tentatively hopeful” about the year to come. So therefore the result is two AE characters looking like they might feel that same feeling, ha. =P

Help, you guys, I love drawing these two together, aaaa. <3 Even if some of these depictions might depart from the actual canon of the story to some degree or other, I can’t help it anyway. 😀 Perhaps one day, when AE has a far greater page-count than today, it will become clear why. ^w^

(The only thing I don’t really fancy about this drawing is how everybody’s legs seemed to come out rather twiggy in proportion to the rest of them… I managed to do that to both of them and not realize until it was too late. (shrug) Guess it was just time for a Twiggy-Legged Drawing. xD )

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