The Gentlest Hydrokinetic

Aside from Mask Face and Jerra, there is one other character I have whose exact “birthday” I know. That day is today, February 26, and that character is this guy, this weird, species-unknown fantasy-being… his name is Togh! Nowadays he is the main-est character of a story series I call “The Mirror Pool Legends”. ^_^

The Gentlest Hydrokinetic

I know my public sharing of Togh has been really really minimal, but he’s been with me for longer than either of the two Dreaming-Esmeralda ladies I mentioned up there… I first scribbled out this fellow in 2006! So that would make it his thirteenth anniversary as of today! It’s WELL past time I did some observance of that, too. :3

When my brain first ‘conceived’ Togh, I started with a desire to make a character with blue hair. Seriously, that was my only criterion at first! And from there, Toggy emerged. I was just so proud of him in those early days, he just felt like a really original and inspired invention and I could barely stop doodling him. <3 He’s changed quite a bit since then… most notably, his magical properties have mostly narrowed down to a specialized hydrokinesis (he used to just ‘do magic’), and he’s not such a SERIOUS McSERIOUS-PANTS anymore. His face actually knows expressions other than ‘stern frown’. x’D

(Cough) So yeah. I made him an anniversary drawing. ^_^ I drew him doing his iconic float-sit that he’s been doing since the very beginning. Check these ancient, original-era drawings of him for proof! 😉

Old Toggies

Happy “birthday”, Toggy! <3

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