The Most Needed People…

…ARE CARETAKER and HOARDKEEPER!! I thought it would be good to announce this, for any potential Caretakers and Hoardkeepers who may come ambling along. Just in case, here’s the definitions for each of those catogories, in basics: Caretaker, a ‘business person’, someone who’s organized and knows HOW to organize/plan stuff. Hoardkeeper, an accountant/financial manager. Those two types of folks are needed DESPERATELY right now, so Planet Soul can actually get GOING! Those two particular sorts of talent are also the POLAR OPPOSITE of what I personally am, so that’s why I’m so helpless right now. ^^; Again… just throwing this out there for any creatively organized people and/or math-brained counting people who happen along. More can be read about these positions on the ‘About Planet Soul’ page. 🙂


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  1. Mysticalwolf says:

    Caretaker… sounds nice. I dislike messiness, and like it organized. Though I’d need to know more about what you want to happen and such. xD

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      Can you tell me how old you are, or are you not comfy with that? 🙂

      • Mysticalwolf says:

        Well, I’m ten, actually. By the way, I’m also good at math, though I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate it. XD But man. I wanna be one of the Voices the most. xD

        • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

          Ten?! Wow, you’re a lot littler than I thought! 😛 You might have to be a LITTLE older than that to be a Caretaker, I’m sorry to say. ^^; But a Voice, certainly! They cross all the age groups! 😀 (Of course, if they’re very young, they may need parental help/permission. xD)

          • Mysticalwolf says:

            xD My mom wants me to wait a decade or so. But anyway, I’d probably be sending you a recording by the time I’m old enough to post on the forums! No idea how to do that, though. But asdhdjfjfsk. I shall find a way no matter what!

  2. Flowersunshine says:

    I think you might want to add an age restriction to your caretaker and hoardkeeper, considering that these people will also have to deal with legal matters (as in simply knowing the law).

    For the next year I am incredibly busy, mostly with growing up and taking responsibility for my life. But ask me again in 2014 and I might say yes to becoming a hoardkeeper. I trust that by then I also will have gathered enough experience and skill to keep my life on a steady track (which simply means without fearing to fail my studies) and that I thus will be able to take on this extra responsibility. It would be a joy to join such a lovely organisation as Planet Soul.

    Unfortunately I cannot help you with being a caretaker. I do not trust myself with that, and I don’t live in America, which will complicate things too much.

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      I think that’s a good idea. What age do you think should be minimum? Obviously, over 10, but you know. xD

      O_O REALLEH??? I can ask you NEXT YEAR and you’ll be ready to be a HOARDKEEPER??? :D:D:D I sure hope you will, because that idea fills me with no end of glee. Do be warned though, I don’t have anything to PAY you with yet, in fact I haven’t been paid much myself. xP The thing is, we’d actually have to MAKE something, a movie or a video game for instance, and sell it around to actually accumulate some income before we started to distribute the earnings among us (which, by the way, is where YOU would come in, if you were to become a Hoardkeeper :D).

      That’s okay… just having a Hoardkeeper, and furthermore, a Hoardkeeper who is YOU, is more than enough! Thanks so much for offering your services! <3 (And about the distance between us... I'm sure that we'd be able to work that out in time. I'm not going to stay in the blinkin' US, that's for sure... shucks, I wasn't even born here. As soon as I get more mobile, I'm going other places xD)

      • Flowersunshine says:

        18 should be the minimum, perhaps even 21, considering legal matters. If I were you I’d look up at what age in the USA you are of age. Here in the Netherlands you get to vote at 18, but I think you’re really of age when you’re 21.

        Only problem with 21: I won’t be that in a year yet.

        I do hope I will be ready. I am very happy with your trust in me though 🙂

        • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

          I believe the ‘of age’ number is 21 (which I just turned, whoopee xP). I think that everyone’s ‘of-ageness’ varies from person to person. But still, you’re right, an age limit is a probably good idea (it might vary between categories… for instance, I know the Voices will need kids). And as for you? You already act plenty old enough, no matter your number. 😛

  3. Febcupcake says:

    Heya Koiya 😀 Did you ever get the recording I sent you? 🙂

  4. Chris the Verdant says:

    Well, this would be a very considerable outlet for my organization skills, still I have yet a year to reach the 18 mark, I would really consider making this part of my life after and during college.. I do hope to get in contact with some folks I could direct your way. 🙂

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