Torian dictionaries updated

Hi everybody! Recently I’ve been working on (what I hope are) improvements to my dictionaries for the Torian languages. Instead of just being one big alphabetized list of every word in each language, both of them are now sorted into categories based on what the words mean. For example, the word for ‘dog’ would be listed under the category ‘Life Forms’ and sub-categorized in ‘Animals’. I would like to thank my friend Tamsin, a.k.a. UnicornCrazy, for inspiring me with this idea. ^u^

Both these dictionaries are still works in progress (and goodness knows they’re ALWAYS works in progress with new words coming in as they will), so there’s always room for improvement. Hopefully this new way of presenting the languages is more comprehensive for people who might want to construct sentences in either of them. :3 I’m open for any suggestions on how to improve them further should anyone have any suggestions to give. ^_^

You can go to the dictionaries by clicking these pictures:

pairetorian button


untorian button

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