Unnamed doodle…

Yesterday I threw this one out in what started as drawing to try and stop myself feeling bad (distraction), and became practice drawing Masky’s face from the side. Her face from the freaking side. It’s just… xD It’s always been challenging to draw somehow, let’s say that. Probably her near-noselessness throws me. I dunno. Her eye, too… although I think I discovered something with that one this time. Something seems just a LITTLE off to me in this doodle, but it’s getting there, at least. 😛

I’m not sure what Masky is doing in this doodle. It looks like she’s talking to someone… probably quite bluntly/derisively. 😀 (And yeah, I did her in all blue again. Why not? xD)

More on the Art page as always. 🙂

Unnamed Masky-doodle

Unnamed Masky-doodle

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2 Responses to Unnamed doodle…

  1. platinumdoodles says:

    What process did you go through for this sketch? Did you start with pencil or from scratch in Photoshop? Nice job on her hair, I can really get a sense for its weight.

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      For some strange reason, I did not get a notification of this comment. o_o Sorry if my response is late.

      Anyway! To answer your question, this one is all digital. There was no pencil involved in this one; I just felt like drawing and opened Photoshop and went for it. xD Thanks about the hair; I’m glad you approve of it. ^_^

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