Visions For the Future

For now I tell my stories in the form of written words and illustration, but in time I wish to expand my available mediums to include animation, music, and interactivity as well. πŸ™‚ Many of the story-ideas floating in my head are intended to be animated films or video games. Yes I said video games; that format has amazing storytelling potential… like a movie that you can play. How especially immersive! πŸ˜€

For now you can have a small peek at some of the film and game ideas I’ve got brewing. Go here for Movies and here for Video games. :3

As of the time I am writing this I haven’t yet found a means to access those mediums, but I am open to possibilities. A fantasy of mine has detailed a ‘dream team’ of creative people with whom I fall into collaboration. I’ve compared this team to a gang of super-heroes, each with a different skill that contributes invaluably, but the skills are more along the lines of composing music or voice-acting, for instance, rather than lightning from the fingertips or invisibility. ;P I have called this organization ‘Planet Soul’ before and also ‘Imagination’s Flightiest Escapade’, and I gave it a logo that looks like this:

…Even if that doesn’t end up sticking, it’s okay (though you can see the logo in some of my older art-watermarks and also on the spines of the Torian Tri-Point books). πŸ˜›

The team’s members/groups thereof are named for the skills they contribute… Storyteller for ideas and designs; Songmaker for soundtracks; Codemaster for programming; Lifebringer for animating; Hoardkeeper for accounting; Caretaker for ‘business matters’, Voices for character-acting; and Innovator for any spiffy new technology like more eco-friendly computers for example. xD I had made little logos for each ‘superpower’, and even now I still use the Storyteller icon around this site and occasionally elsewhere:

Storyteller Icon

Like I said, I’m open to possibilities, so even if everything doesn’t fall into place EXACTLY like this that’s okay. πŸ˜› But I do hope to see my brainchildren animated and/or interactive before too long, by some means or another. I am looking forward to the necessary elements coming into place, however it is that they come. ^_^

Songmaker Icon

Codemaster IconLifebringer IconHoardkeeper Icon




Caretaker IconVoices IconInnovator Icon




Hello out there… πŸ˜‰