Watching the Hiakan-rise

A HAP-HAPPY BURFDAY to my dear friend Tamsin, along with an illustration of her two characters! 😀 Night Shadow the pegacorn is one I have drawn before, but this is my first time attempting Rhiannon the elf. With any luck, she actually came out looking like Rhiannon… Tams, your available references of Rhi are rather sparse, I have found. xD I had to splice together this Rhi from several Emeraldactivities images in your gallery and the ONE full color portrait you seem to have anywhere on the internet… plus a little of my own artistic license, which I hope is at least semi-okay. ^^; (You know what’s funny is that Rhi came out looking a bit like Sepia 😛 )

Anyway! This art is a gift and for more arts, gift or otherwise, one can always look here. ^u^

Watching the Hiakan-rise (for a friend)

Watching the Hiakan-rise (for a friend)

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