What. The. GOAT.

What. The. GOAT.


Okay. I guess this started when I was sitting in a parking lot the other week and suddenly, randomly seeing a pale, goat-like face in my mind’s eye. It was Sekoiya! I could just tell it was… even though this is definitely not a face I have ever seen on Sekoiya or expected to see on her. This has got to be the weirdest thing Sekoiya has ever told me!

‘Koiya… goat?? What is this goat? WHY goat? Why are you goating?? Tell meee…

You’ve only ever been a dragon of some kind before. And you still are, the dragon is definitely not gone… are you saying you’re a dragon AND a goat? The way that dragons in a lot of myths can disguise themselves as other animals? And the goat still kind of has a few faint dragony touches, like the teeth… a Qilin/Kirin comes to mind, a little…? Why a GOAT though? Surely not just because I’m a Capricorn and ALSO born in the Year of the Sheep. xD I mean, I DO have a soft spot for ruminants, especially their faces (and if I am fair, the various dragon-modes Sekoiya has had through time have generally had a bit of a ruminant-quality, even if subtly)… but still, why goat??

But oh my gosh, this fits. This so, unexpectedly, fits. This new, experimental ‘goat-mode’ feels NICE right now. I love the stoutness. The sauciness. The HORNS and just… the ‘Ruminance’! The slight touch of Celticness… yes, that is there! I mean, if Sekoiya the Dragon is going to have an alternate animal ‘disguise’, she could have done waaay worse. At least it’s not a carnivore. …At least it’s not… yes, I’m going to say this… at least it’s not a wolf *shudder*. xD Anyway. This might be a passing phase that Sekoiya is playing around with. It might not last long… as far as I can see right now, this might last anywhere from one more day to the rest of my life! We shall have to see! However long it lasts, I am going to have fun with my ‘newfound goatiness’! 😀 😀 😀

PS: Just for fun and in the name of curiosity, I looked up some spiritual stuff to do with goats. And THIS webpage had some veeerrrry interesting thought-food to contribute. I mean, I can take this with a grain of salt, but still, a lot of oddly-fitting things at this point in life. Especially the first two sentences under the ‘Power Animal’ heading. Helloooo, madam! Would you happen to be talking right at me?? o_o Yes, indeed, some definite food for thought there!

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