Why hello thar! :D

Hello everybody, my name is Sequoia the Storyteller and this is the current website for Planet Soul (and it is very underdeveloped at this point, seeing as it’s as brand new as I am new at running it… bear with me xP). What is Planet Soul exactly? Well, click that ‘About Planet Soul’ button up there at the top, and the stuff within should explain it quite thoroughly. I’m just sort of getting things set up right now, and learning my way around this joint as I go. Again, bear with me… this is bound to become more elaborate and efficient as time goes by. Welcome now, and welcome later! ^_^


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19 Responses to Why hello thar! :D

  1. UnicornCrazy says:

    woop 😀 WEBSITEH! yayz 🙂

  2. Febcupcake says:

    Hiya! I joined because I just had to 😀 Question. How do you change your Profile Picture? 😛

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      Febby!! 😀 So glad to see you here! Honestly…? I don’t know. ^^; I looked all over for a way to change avatars, and I haven’t been able to find it yet. My own freakin’ website… for shame! xD

  3. Chris the Verdant says:

    Well, what you don’t know can really make a difference!
    I <3 Planet Soul!

    Ok, now on to the good stuff… I got nothing… congrats! Love the website!

  4. Okacou says:

    How fascinating! If you don’t know, I am Mysticalwolf on EA. 😉

  5. LeslyStoryteller says:

    Lehehehehe, I just changed my nickname. XD Hope you guys don’t mind another wannabe storyteller wandering in your midst.

  6. Sekoiya says:

    Testing out a disqus-style comment here, don’t mind me. xD This Admin (me) is new to disqus as of the date this comment is posted. :3

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