Wizard Fun

Here’s some art I did recently, featuring a certain kick-butt-awesome blue wizard from the Accidental Elemental universe, who is currently only known to the public as “Bluefellow” (or other things similar and equally vague, haha). ^_^



I decided I needed one of That Mysterious Blue Guy just being the kickass magician he is and SLINGING some magical weight around!! 😀 Before this one, I hadn’t yet made one where he was just throwing out some EPIC FLASHY EXPLODY magic, and that was a durn shame! I actually started this like… at LEAST a month ago, probably more, and thought I’d better go on and finish it QUICK, before it looks super-outdated (it’s on it’s way there already ^^; ). So here it is, NOW HAVE IT, I SAY!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ4H0K… <–(PS: I find it weirdly awesome that in the same year I happen to start doing heavy concepting on a character who talks all “F O R S O O T H”, all these “Bardcore” songs start appearing! OuO )

2: Ye Shal’t Not Pass

Ye Shal’t Not Pass

As you can see, I took a moment to draw “Bluefellow” taking a moment to look like “The Quintessential Wizard” (and nothing at all like a total Steamy Sam WHILST he’s about it! OuO  <3 *COUGH* Definitely NO Fangirling is going on over here, nooooope! None whatsoever! xD )

Any-WAY! I figure there’s only ONE thing that could possibly make him look even MORE Quintessential. In fact, I have it here!

Ye must keep it

3: Testing the Dialect (you’ll want to zoom in on this one for sure!)

Testing the Dialect

I made this as a way of testing out the “Ye Olde” way of speaking that Bluefellow and his people have on an audience (to see how well they could read/follow what characters were saying), without any story spoilers whatsoever. Too bad I had to color my test results by saying out loud how fond I am of this dialect and the idea of having it in the story. :’D Oh well, nothing to do for it now… x’D

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