Writing in Torian tongue…

Hello, all. 🙂 I’m working on a sort of poem-thingy in the Pairetorian language. Nothing fills in missing words better than trying to write something coherent in the language you’re trying to build (not to mention what excellent brain-exercise it is, oh man). xD That’s how I generally build on my fantasy-languages… I just hunt for words as I need them. xP

This thing isn’t done… I’m just posting a progress shot on a whim. 😛 If you’re REALLY REALLY CURIOUS what it’s saying, you may have a scavenger hunt in the dictionary, and good luck to you (especially since I only have an English-to-Pairetorian version just yet and not the reverse). ^^; I don’t fancy translating this at the moment, sorry to say… but here it is anyway. =w=

Sarepha, desa ta kaed ipir kei.

Sarepha, desa craela ipir rhae.

Kraeyaya, kei trell, kei trell tri de.

Sarepha, desa ta kaed ipir kei.


Sarepha, de xaiyra.

De jorein kei jasseuriys.

Sa kei qann.

Oyairme kei ipir de trellikae.

~~Goodnight now! :3

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