You Too, Eh?

You Too, Eh?

Today (Jan 17th) is Masky’s “birthday” so of course I had to do a Thing. ^w^ It seems that this makes it 12 whopping years since this highly-inspirational lady entered my sleeping mind, and if I’ve counted correctly(!), she is 35 years old in real time. 😛

As to the SUBJECT of this. Oh MAN, you guys, I have had this concept kicking around for at least EIGHT YEARS… Masky wrote this little journal entry about her bonding-moment with a spider waaaaaay back in 2013, and here’s the proof (“consider it a sneak-peek”, indeed! Took long enough for the FULL peek!! xD). Back then I made a number of attempts to illustrate this scene in various ways, and could never seem to feel satisfied with any of them. Which is why this bit of Masky’s journal is eight years late to the world’s eyeballs. x’D

(Hopefully the text is readable… it’s that font I made out of Masky’s handwriting again :’D)

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